Tyler, Texas.  Home to CMKM Diamonds…stock symbol CMKX…Former (just resigned 2/26/2011) CEO Kevin West...Company Attorney Bill Frizzell...the firm linked to a $3.87 TRILLION Federal lawsuit.  Never heard of it?  No surprises there.  Over 40-thousand US investors lost $250 million in CMKX.  Where did our cash go?  We need to know.  We’re CMKX investors.  Seven of us hired a high-powered lawyer, Al Hodges, to gain release of $3.87 trillion in collected fines and penalties.  Hodges claims CMKX was a government sting…set up by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.  What’s at stake is the integrity of Wall Street; the money in our brokerage accounts.  For years now, brokerages and hedge funds have been selling you and me shares of stock that don’t exist.  This scam is naked shorting.  It’s illegal.  And it goes on every day.  Are your funds secure?  Find out more at www.cmkxsting.com.

We bought a stock many years ago encompassing 1.9 million acres of claims. All the information we read was we had the mother load (diamonds, potash, uranium, oil)  in the ground and our investment would payoff big time!. It was stolen (nakedshorted) from us and instead of just stealing and running away with our money and value they dangled it in front of our face’s and teased us with it for 7 YEARS! Well now the gig is up and it’s time to return the assets to the  shareholders of CMKM Diamonds! 

As Matt Taibbi  from Rolling Stone Magazine said  “Three things I try to avoid talking about publicly: Immigration, the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the CMKM Diamond penny-stock case. The instant you open your mouth about any of those things, you’re fucked, almost no matter what you say.”